For companies, NAT5 provides an efficient and flexible tool, to increase the return of investment on corporate wellness.

As an employer you will get an increased understanding and overview on the activity levels within the company. As well as the employees get access to individual counselling and guidance on their health.

NAT5 Enterprise provides companies with a flexible and efficient tool, providing knowledge and counselling on training and nutrition to the employees. As well as having the option for customised training programs. Manage and encourage employee activity with the easy-to-use NAT5 Enterprise Admin interface. For health, prevention of work related injuries, and an improved working environment.

NAT5 Enterprise access is authorised for the company and can be distributed to the company employees only as part of their employment. If an employment is terminated, the access right can be granted to an other employee, decided by the company.

The enterprise subscription model is created to meet the company needs when it comes to either monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fees. Giving the company the possibility to adjust the subscription numbers as the demand increases or decreases for NAT5 Enterprise Access within the organisation.

  • Return of investment on corporate wellness
  • Increased number of active employees
  • Within the company corporate wellness policy and programs

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