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Analysing Your Workout Results

Improve your performance

The built in NATsense functionality analyses your workout results and feedbacks suggestions for any improvement needed, in combination with feedback from Personal Trainers online.

  • Analyse of workout results
  • Feedback from Personal Trainers

Individual counselling

Get individual counselling in an easy and simple way by a Personal Trainer

With NAT5 get access to Personal Trainers that are available for you online, for counselling, analyse of your workout results and possibility to customized workout and nutrition programs.

  • Individual counselling for workouts and nutrition
  • Customized programs
  • Walkthrough of workout results and objectives
Personal trainer for analyses and feedback
Full access to all workout and nutrition programs

Major selection of workout programs

Find just the right workout program that fits you and your way of training

NAT5 will give you access to the largest selection of workout programs in the world, in depended of your earlier nutrition and training experience.

  • Large selection of workout programs
  • Workout and nutrition programs for everyone, for beginner and advanced practitioners
  • Workout programs for any time and any place

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Online training for both professional and beginner

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