About us

About us

The NAT5 mission
The mission is to give users access to the fundamentals of health and fitness, to a means for a stronger spirit and body at any time in any given place. By provide a ‘One stop shop’ for workout and nutrition programs with personal counselling, by using technology as the basis for the NAT5 service. Passion for training and human development are the drivers for us three founders, Erik, Daniel and Xerxes. To offer a complete service for training, for everyone, independent of time and place.

The NAT5 passion
We are passionate about people striving to improve their lives through a healthy lifestyle. Where we want to be part and support that development, in the best way we can.

NAT5 offers a broad range of workout programs
Whether you would want to improve in weight lifting, Calisthenics, running or any other discipline. NAT5 is for you, to get inspired, to learn and to improve. It does not matter if you already are going to the local gym, or not doing any workouts and sports at all. NAT5 will give you what you need. Even though it is difficult to avoid injuries when doing workouts and sports, programs within NAT5 are design to minimise potential injuries as much as possible for the practitioner.